The Patriot Express is a series of motorcycle related events and fundraisers, designed to raise the awareness while providing donations, support, and counseling, to the families of our injured veterans, including the troops who return from duty with long-term medical care needs.

This movement was created as part of the Dave Barr Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, (77-0430310) founded by Dave Barr, a double-amputee veteran who has written books and ridden motorcycles on six different continents.

Patriot Express was created in the year 1996 by The Dave Barr Foundation, and was established to support charitable organizations, both in the U.S. and overseas, that are dedicated to improving the lives of our military families. Through donations, we are able to provide aid to those who know all to well the price of war, our military families. Whether a veteran returns with PTSD or a long term medical need, the Patriot Express can help by directing families to counseling services and other avenues, to prepare them to cope with caretaking of someone who has suffered some type of emotional trauma, an injury, a missing limb, or who may be total care. 95% of the donations recieved through Patriot Express events are distributed to the organizations who provide these services and work directly with the veterans and their families.

The Patriot Express is made possible by donors like you and by our "State Captains," a band of volunteers across the states, who organize our rallies, rides, and fundraisers. By keeping our expenses low, we are able to invest significant amounts into our service. Because no one associated with the organization is paid it allows for 95% of all money raised to go directly to aid our military families.

Benefactors of the Patriot Express Foundation
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Support our seriously wonded/ill military & their families by:

• Personal "hands-on support through regular visits to
SAMMC(San Antonio Military Medical Center)

•Sponsoring a December free PX and drawing at SAMMC

•Hosting motivational events(hunting & fishing trips and
group dinners)

•Providing financial assistance in their time of crisis

•Send care packages to deployed troops

Mission Statement

Remembering Vietnam, "OME", a Christ-center organization, is dedicated to ensuring that OIF (Iraq) and OEF (afghanistan) veterans and all who served during this period of war are not treated with hostility and disrespect as were those who served with honor and distinction in Vietnam. OME achieves this objective by working to increase public awareness regarding the challenges faced by America's military and their families while providing direct support via the various OME programs.

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Mission Statement

The Foundation is dedicated to serving Military Members, their Families and Veterans of Wars past and present. We fund Supplemental Education and Holistic, credentialed treatment options not offered by traditional providers for "Life Trauma", PTSD and other critical concerns.
Our purpose is to assist others in attaining the knowledge, tools and treatment to create a life of lasting joy and happiness. Our goal is to energize others and those who have given so much of themselves with hope and healing.
"We are a 501C3 non Profit organization" .